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Ambulance Tasmania recognises teen Jarrod Currie

Guy Barnett, Liberal Member for Lyons

I applaud the bravery and clear thinking of a teenager recognised by Ambulance Tasmania with a Certificate of Commendation today, after helping get medical assistance to his grandfather who had almost severed his hand with a chainsaw.

Jarrod Currie, who was 13 at the time of the accident in August 2016, was helping his grandfather Ross Currie cut firewood near Bothwell, when Mr Currie briefly passed out whilst using a chainsaw.

Safety in the bush is the first requirement of any forestry or wood cutting operation and effective first aid is vital when things go wrong.

Today is an opportunity to acknowledge the bravery and levelheadedness of Jarrod for his actions, which would have been a confronting situation for anyone.

Following his grandfather's instructions, Jarrod helped him phone 000 before the teenager followed instructions from the ambulance call-taker to tightly wrap a towel around Mr Currie’s wrist.

Mr Currie decided they needed to drive 7 kilometres to a homestead to ensure paramedics found them but as he kept  lapsing into unconsciousness, Jarrod was forced to continually wake his grandfather to ensure they made the journey safely.

Jarrod's bravery in the face of a serious injury to his grandfather, is to be commended.

His initial treatment of the wound, interaction with the 000 call-taker and his ability to assist his grandfather to drive to the homestead demonstrates an amazing level of courage.

The fact that Mr Currie’s injuries could be effectively treated, are in no small part thanks to Jarrod's cool head and determination to do the right thing.

Ambulance Tasmania recognises this act of considerable bravery.