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Early years consultation

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

The Hodgman Liberal Government has a goal to lead the nation in education and create a job ready generation of Tasmanians.

An important part of our Plan is to ensure all children have access to quality play based early learning, which is why changes to the Education Act include changing the voluntary school starting age.   

As promised we are consulting with the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector on the impact of these changes.

A three phased consultation approach is being rolled out by KPMG to ensure stakeholders can provide input and advice on the implementation.

This includes information forums, an online survey that will soon be available to all early childhood education and care providers in Tasmania, and a number of site visits.

In addition to the KPMG consultation process the Department of Education has appointed Michael White, Director of MW Group Consulting, to assist with further consultation to ensure the sector is supported in the future.

With young Tasmanians receiving as much as two years less education than other students across the country, children could be missing out on high quality learning at a young age - not every family can afford child care or private education.

It is important to note the changes to the voluntary school starting age will not take effect until 2020, giving a long lead-in time to ensure that all stakeholders can prepare for this change.

The early years are critical for the development and success of our children. And with the Budget back in balance, these important years are receiving the funding and structural reform they need to succeed.