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Labor admits no answers on health

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Labor leader Bec White is just a facade, with nothing behind her – no policies or plans for Tasmania’s future.

Ms White asked seven questions on health today - but didn't offer a single solution.

It is particularly embarrassing that Ms White quoted extensively from submissions to the Legislative Council inquiry but failed to put in a submission of her own.

Ms White has been an armchair critic for years on health – she’s finally admitted she’s not ready to take on managing Tasmania’s health system.

``I’m not going to say we’ve got all the answers…’’ *

In fact, she doesn't have any - Ms White has been the opposition health spokesperson for the past three and a half years and she still doesn’t have a clue.

This comes a day after the Labor Vice President Tim Jacobson admitted his own party wasn’t even addressing the issue.

If Ms White doesn’t have solutions for the challenges in our health system, how could she possibly be ready to run the state?

*Fairfax Tasmania 12/9/17