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Labor proposes return to job destroying forest deal

Guy Barnett, Minister for Resources

Tasmanians voted in 2014 to end the forest lock-ups, grow the industry and create new jobs and the Hodgman Liberal Government is delivering on that commitment.

Ripping up the job destroying forest deal is the only plan that will save jobs and end the subsidies to the forest industry.

Labor’s announcement yesterday shows it has learned nothing. It was dictated by FIAT – a signatory to the so-called peace deal – and an organisation established to support the commercial interests of its members.

Let's be clear, the Labor/FIAT policy is a return to the job destroying forest deal.  Not one extra tree, not one extra hectare of forest, just another attempt to try and appease the Greens.

Labor has admitted that taxpayers will again pay for the deal.  It names up $4.8 million for ongoing cable harvesting subsidy – but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Opposition Leader Bryan Green was more honest in his 2014 policy, which admitted the real cost was $100 million over just four years.

To make matters worse, Labor is refusing to consider allowing access to even one more tree.  Not one more tree.

The Hodgman Liberal Government has rejected special deals for special interests.  We will honour our commitment to Tasmanians and act in the public interest.

The Greens’ plan is to shut down the entire native forest sector and throw thousands more Tasmanians out of work. Labor plans to do another deal with special interests, rob the taxpayer and do nothing for resource security, job security or financial sustainability.