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Tender awarded for new low emission Metro fleet

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure

A new fleet of 100 Metro buses will feature Euro 6 standard diesel engines, the lowest emitting diesel engines on the market, in addition to being manufactured in the North West which will support the local economy and create local jobs.

The Hodgman Liberal Government is pleased to announce Bustech Pty Ltd has been awarded the tender to manufacture the new Metro fleet.

They will partner with Wynyard-based Elphinstone, resulting in the creation of over 40 new full time jobs for the North West.

The Government’s number one priority is jobs, which is why Metro’s 100 new buses will be built in Tasmania.

The new buses represent the single biggest investment in public transport in Tasmania’s history, and Elphinstone will play a central role in the construction and fit out of the buses.

At least 24 full time jobs will be created at Elphinstone’s Wynyard factory alone, with additional indirect jobs being created in the Tasmanian supply chain.

It’s a great result for the North West advanced manufacturing sector and highlights our commitment to create jobs and provide a sustainable public transport system both now and in the future.

Modernising Metro’s bus fleet through this contract will lower the average age of the fleet and ensure all buses are wheelchair accessible by 2022.

The new fleet will be manufactured over a period of four years, with the first vehicles expected to be delivered during 2017/18.