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Australian Peacekeeping Day

Guy Barnett, Minister for Veterans' Affairs

Australian Peacekeeping Day is a time to pause and reflect on the work of those who have played a vital role in restoring peace in areas affected by conflict around the globe.

I commend all of our Tasmanian Peacekeepers and their families, for their service and invaluable contribution towards achieving peace.

More than 250 Tasmanian’s have served on United Nations and other multilateral peacekeeping operations since 1947. The peace keepers have either been military, police or civilians.

More than 3,500 Australians are currently serving in peace and security operations, including our continuous participation in the Middle East.

September 14 marks the anniversary of Australia’s first peace keeping role in Indonesia. Since Australian participation in peace keeping operations has included Middle East, Afghanistan, East Timor, Cambodia, the Sudan, Bougainville, the Solomon Islands and other Pacific nations.

The role of a peace keeper is vital in not only preventing conflict but also enabling local economies to rebuild and flourish. This process is important for restoring a lasting peace in a region.