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Bacon’s duplicity called out


11 January 2018

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer


The Bumbling Shadow Treasurer, Scott Bacon, has been caught out being duplicitous, opposing something he voted for just three months ago.

Yesterday, Mr Bacon criticised our Plan to move to a venue-operator model for pubs and clubs, giving them more control and greater returns from gaming machines.

Yet, our Plan is a specific recommendation of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Gaming –

“20. A venue operator model is desirable for EGMs and appropriate transitional arrangements put in place to accommodate industry participants. “

Damningly for Bacon, he supported this recommendation, as the minutes of the committee clearly show:

Mr Bacon has no credibility, and he should explain to Tasmanians exactly how he can hold two completely different views, just months apart.

The Liberal’s policy is the only plan that achieves the right balance - it supporting jobs, will result in greater returns for the taxpayer to be invested back into essential services while also doubling funding for harm minimisation.