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Better Health Care in Northern Tasmania

Will Hodgman, Premier
Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health

A re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will prioritise health and invest $160 million to take health services in the North to the next level.

This includes $87 million over the next six years for a major redevelopment and expansion of the Launceston General Hospital which will include 40 new beds.

Our commitment for the next term of Government builds on the significant investment we have already made over the past four years which has seen wards and beds re-opened at the LGH, more nurses recruited and more services provided where people need them. 

Such a major upgrade is only possible because we have got the budget back into balance. 

Works will include improvements across medical, surgical, maternity, obstetric, paediatric and mental health units.

The redevelopment will commence immediately and be finished in 2024.

The works will include a new Ward 3D with 32 beds. We will also open eight beds on the redeveloped 4K Children’s Ward in 2019, including an Adolescent Unit with specialised mental health facilities, taking the total number of new beds at the LGH up to 40.

We will create a new Women’s and Children’s Precinct with new outpatient clinics for Women and Children to be built as an additional level of the 4K Children’s ward. This will provide brand new contemporary clinics, and vacate space needed to construct Ward 3D.

An additional 161 hospital and health staff will be recruited to support extra beds and services, this includes an additional 94 nurses, 15 doctors and 15 allied health staff.

168 additional car parking spaces. To provide parking relief as soon as possible, we will build another level on top of the existing multi-storey car park which will create an additional 68 spaces. Subject to engineering confirmation we will also construct a new underground car park beneath the Ward 4K redevelopment to create another 100 spaces, and develop a long-term car parking plan to allow for future expansions.

Air Conditioning Upgrade. We will invest $1.4 million in a comprehensive air-conditioning upgrade at the LGH. Many of the wards at the LGH were constructed over three decades ago and air-conditioning has not been upgraded in this time, or was not planned for when built. We will rectify this to ensure patients, visitors and staff are comfortable in both summer and winter.

Community Rapid Response – Permanent Service. We will invest $6.9 million over six years to make this very successful service a permanent part of our health system. The program has provided around 8,500 appointments and other services each year ensuring patients can get treated in the comfort of their home, avoiding hospitalisation.  

Urgent Care Feasibility Study. To further take the pressure off the LGH emergency department a re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will invest $120,000 on a feasibility study into establishing Urgent Care centres in the Launceston area. Under similar models operating interstate specialist GPs, supported by hospital specialists, provide care in the community. The study will look at how such centres could work with Community Rapid Response and local Health Centres.

50 Year Plan for Health Service Delivery. To ensure we have the right health services for future generations we will establish a masterplan for the LGH and adjacent health facilities to guide investments over the next five decades. The proposed LGH co-location will be considered as part of this process however unlike Labor we will not give away land to a private company or compromise the long awaited 4K Children’s Ward redevelopment. 

Better Patient Transport on Flinders Island. A re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will provide $30,000pa over two years to Community Transport Services Tasmania to fund a pilot program to extend transport support to Flinders Island. The partnership is expected to provide 3,000 trips over the course of the trial helping to connect local residents to both medical and social appointments. We will also invest $500,000 to provide better accommodation for health professionals on Flinders Island.

Only a majority Hodgman Liberal Government will deliver the health system Tasmanians expect and deserve.

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