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Bill’s bridge across Bass Strait

Adam Brooks, Liberal Member for Braddon

Labor Leader Bill Shorten’s promise to build a road from Wynyard to Circular Quay in Sydney is a truly “Utopian” vision.*

For many years, some people have been calling for the return of the failed Spirit 3, but who needs that when Mr Shorten is promising to build a bridge across Bass Strait?

But seriously, the fact Mr Shorten doesn’t get the difference between Circular Head and Circular Quay shows him to be completely out of touch with the people of Braddon.

And worse still, Mr Shorten attempted to cover up his embarrassing gaffe by yet again doctoring another transcript. The people of Braddon won’t be fooled.

*“And because our candidate knows this community so intimately, we’ve got plans to improve the local infrastructure (including) upgrading the Bass Highway between Wynyard and Circular Quay.” Bill Shorten, Braddon campaign launch speech 8/7/18