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Clear choice for Pembroke, Nelson and Montgomery this weekend

Will Hodgman, Premier

This weekend, Tasmanians in Pembroke, Nelson and Montgomery have a clear choice when they vote in Legislative Council elections.

Nic Street in Nelson, Kristy Johnson in Pembroke and Leonie Hiscutt in Montgomery are standing on a platform to create jobs, grow the economy, keep Tasmanians safe, invest in health and education, and protect the Tasmanian way of life.

Of all the candidates at this weekend’s election, our Liberal candidates are the only ones who can deliver on commitments made to the electorate as members of the Liberal Government.

And with the Labor bloc in the Legislative Council obstructing key law and order policies, which have received a mandate at successive state elections, only a vote for Nic Street, Kristy Johnson or Leonie Hiscutt can ensure that these bills can pass the Parliament.

This includes voting for mandatory minimum sentences for serious sexual offences against children, something Labor has now voted against three times. Without changing the make-up of the Legislative Council, Bills like this will continue to be blocked by Labor.

Tasmania has come a long way in the past five years from the dark days of the Labor-Green Government to now having the best-performing economy in the nation.

This weekend, voters in Montgomery, Nelson and Pembroke can ensure that the Majority Liberal Government can continue to deliver on the strong, clear Plan which has led to Tasmania’s turnaround.