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Doubling weekday bus services between Hobart and Sorell to reduce congestion

Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure

Many people are making the lifestyle choice to raise families in commuter towns such as Sorell and the Southern Beaches, and strong growth in tourist traffic from the East Coast and Tasman Peninsula further stretching capacity of the road network.

That is why a re-elected majority Liberal Government will double the number of bus services between Sorell and Hobart, with buses departing every 30 minutes during peak times on week days, and hourly for the rest of the day. The 14 services currently available every week day will increase to 33 services, Saturday services will increase from 8 to 14, and there will be 14 new Sunday services.

By doubling bus services between Sorell and Hobart we will make it easier for people living in Sorell and the surrounding areas to access employment, education, training, services and recreational opportunities.

Importantly, by increasing the number of people traveling on public transport we reduce the number of cars on the road, thereby reducing traffic congestion. For every full bus on the road, we get up to 50 cars off the road.

As part of the plan, the Government is already investing in a common ticketing system to allow a one-ticket journey for those using both the Metro and privately-provided bus services (and trans-Derwent ferries). Following an initial investment in its 2017/18 Budget, this system is expected to be rolled out by 2019/20.

Since the majority Liberal Government was elected in 2014, nearly 8000 more people are now employed in the South of the State. With the economy booming and the population growing, we know more Tasmanians need access to regular and reliable transport, and we are providing a solution.

This is on top of the six road infrastructure projects announced to reduce congestion and travel time between Hobart and Sorell and the Southern Beaches, including the duplication of the Tasman Highway between Hobart and Sorell.

With a bold target to increase investment in public infrastructure by 20 per cent in response to the increasing pressure on local road networks, a re-elected majority Liberal Government is doubling these bus services because we are committed to delivering a sustainable public transport system for Tasmanians both now and in the future.

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