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Government focus on keeping Tasmanians safe – challenge to Labor

Michael Ferguson, Leader of the House

In Parliament this week the Hodgman Liberal Government will continue to deliver on our long term plan to improve the lives of all Tasmanians, with a real focus on keeping people safe.

We will be introducing legislation to appoint a former police officer to the Parole Board, in the same way we have included a victims of crime representative on the board. Including a member with policing experience is an important measure to ensure community safety remains at the core of any Parole Board decision.

Important legislation will be debated, including the Residential Tenancy Amendment Bill which provides for women escaping family violence to break residential leases without penalty.

This will allow a Court to terminate a lease without penalty when making a Family Violence Order. It will allow for circumstances where a victim needs to break the lease and move to a new residence that is unknown to the perpetrator.

Our bill to remove remissions, the Corrections Amendment (Prisoner Remission) Bill, will also be debated. Tasmanians would be shocked to know that one out of every four prisoners gets released up to 3 months before the end of their sentence. We believe if you do the crime you should do the time.

Last term of Parliament Labor voted against the Bill in the House of Assembly, just like they have for minimum mandatory sentencing against people who commit serious sexual offences against children.  This is their opportunity to finally stop being soft on crime and start reflecting community expectations.