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Greens hypocritical dishonesty

Guy Barnett, Minister for Resources

Not surprisingly, the Greens are dishonestly siding with an international clothing label to spread falsehoods about Tasmania’s forests.

Patagonia’s film, which claims to be a documentary, is actually a work of fiction claiming 90 per cent of the Tarkine is under mining tenure when the actual figure is 17 per cent.

This area has been used for mining, forestry, farming and fishing for more than 150 years and contains Savage River, Tasmania’s largest mine.

The Greens’ objective to turn a further 10 per cent of Tasmania into a National Park would be a disaster for one of the world’s most highly mineralised belts, which includes eight current mining leases and more than 1000 known mineral deposits.

The estimated impact on mining would be $160 million over 20 years and a further $250 million would be ripped out of the forestry industry over the same period.

At the recent State Election only 3.5 per cent of Braddon voters supported the Greens, clearly displaying how out of touch they are with Tasmanians in the North-West.

Their propaganda won’t work and using a global company to garner the support of activists and gullible celebrities is damaging both the Tasmanian economy and the Tasmanian brand.