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High level of interest in new pilot program

Roger Jaensch, Minister for Housing

The State Government’s Affordable Action Plan is clearly working. Yesterday’s announcement of a pilot program, designed to encourage residential property owners to make their affordable rental homes available for low income earners  has already garnered interest from right across the state.

Broadly supported by Shelter Tasmania, Community Housing Providers, REIT and Housing Connect, the initiative, in just 24 hours has received almost 50 emails from property owners registering their interest.

The Department will be responsible to consider property applications and approve those that will be included in the program, however the incentive initiative is designed to target properties that are not currently available to low income earners in the private rental market.

Suitable properties would be located in close proximity to essential services, especially health services, public transport and properties also must meet minimum standards under the Residential Tenancy Act 1997.

Considerations will also include whether the property is currently under a lease as well as what the current weekly rental is.

Due to the high level of interest, the State Government will be able to hit the ground running, placing tenants into eligible properties once the program commences in May.

In contrast, Labor, who demanded a seat at the Housing Summit, and yet brought no solutions or ideas to the table have reverted back to doing what they know best; complaining and playing cheap politics instead of working with us to help Tasmanians in need.

Tasmanians deserve better than this, and this is why the State Government will continue to deliver its strong plan to overcome the latest challenges and implement the solutions as a matter of priority.