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Hobart traffic vision

Will Hodgman, Premier
Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure

An underground design for a major new Hobart bus interchange headlines a suite of measures designed to reduce Hobart traffic congestion under a re-elected majority Tasmanian Liberal Government.

“Our bold vision for Hobart’s traffic network will transform the city centre, reduce congestion and provide the infrastructure needed for a modern, efficient public transport system,” Premier Will Hodgman said.

“A re-elected majority Liberal Government will plan, design and develop a new Bus Transit Centre in Hobart for both Metro and other bus companies, to be included as part of the Hobart City Deal.

“We anticipate it will be located centrally, potentially running underground in the vicinity of Franklin Square and Lower Elizabeth Street, with ramp access to deliver buses directly onto the main routes to the northern, southern and eastern suburbs.

“This is a transformational project for Central Hobart that will modernise Hobart’s public transport infrastructure and reduce congestion both throughout the city and the surrounding areas.

“This vision will take Hobart to the next level, and only a re-elected majority Liberal Government will deliver it.”

Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding said the new Bus Transit Centre will complement a range of other traffic solutions designed to reduce congestion in Hobart and the surrounding suburbs.

“We will also invest $35 million to construct an express fifth lane on the Southern Outlet to ease congestion for those commuting from Kingborough to Hobart,” Minister Hidding said.

“The new lane will operate north-bound for morning traffic and south-bound in the afternoon peak and will potentially shave up to 15 minutes off the trip each day for commuters, meaning less time on the road and more time for Kingborough residents to spend at home with their families.

Other measures a re-elected majority Liberal Government will implement to reduce congestion in Hobart include:

  • Immediately taking over management of Davey and Macquarie Streets from the Hobart City Council 
  • Establish a new Derwent River ferry service between Bellerive and Sullivans Cove 
  • Implement bus priority measures on key routes into the CBD 
  • Initiate a Traffic Incident Response Team; and 
  • Establish a future Hobart Transport Master Plan

Minister Hidding said these measures would collectively reduce congestion when travelling to or from Hobart in the short, medium and long-terms.

“Public transport is a key part of the solution to reduce congestion, and we will provide the infrastructure and planning that Hobart needs to cope with an increase in public transport users. 

“A re-elected majority Liberal Government will also introduce a Derwent River Ferry Service operated in conjunction with Metro Tasmania, and continue progressing a Northern Suburbs Light Rail deal with the Federal Government.

“This will ensure Hobart has a multitude of transport options for commuters that link central Hobart with its southern, eastern and northern suburbs.

“We will use existing legislation to take over the key CBD couplet of Davey and Macquarie Streets from the Hobart City Council, which will allow us to install and enforce new clearways and extensions.

“These congestion-busting measures were recommended by traffic engineer Keith Midson in 2016 in response to increased congestion in the Hobart CBD, but the Hobart City Council to date has refused to implement them- despite the support of the Lord Mayor.

“This is an unacceptable stand-off, and we will take action to rectify it.

“A Traffic Incident Response Team will be formed to resolve traffic incidents during peak hour, which often cause major congestion events.

“This will include the use of drones to monitor congestion hot spots, and the use of clearance vehicles to quickly and safely deal with vehicles blocking traffic.”

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