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Labor attempting to mislead Tasmanians

Michael Ferguson, Leader of the House

Labor has been caught out again being completely dishonest with the public.

To suggest the Government is being secretive with the Budget Estimates process is completely false.

The committee timetables have been drafted in consultation with Labor and the Greens. All changes requested have been agreed to, including providing an extra two hours of scrutiny for my portfolios.

The committee membership simply reflects the changed composition of the membership of the House. It has no bearing on the participation of any member of the House of Assembly.

In fact, we have removed customary restrictions this year on the number of questions a non-voting member can ask, and we have actually increased the overall number of questions allocated to the Opposition.

Furthermore, there are absolutely no restrictions on the ability of the Opposition or the Greens to substitute members on the committee.

The Hodgman Liberal Government has been completely open and consultative in establishing these committees, and we have increased the opportunities for the Opposition to scrutinise Government business.

Labor should stop playing politics and start being honest with Tasmanians.