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Labor back in bed with the Greens

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer


Labor's opposition to the Mount Wellington Cable Car confirms they are well and truly back in bed with the Greens.

The fact is, Labor voted in both houses of Parliament for the legislation under which I gave these administrative approvals.

It's important to be clear: the approvals I have given provide access to land in Wellington Park for the purpose of undertaking a site investigation to prepare a planning application only.

The project will still need to receive development approval in the usual way before any construction work can begin.

I also note that contrary to claims being made, the legislation - which Labor voted for - is neither project nor proponent specific. It is open for potential cable care proponents to utilise this legislation, if they so wish.

Notwithstanding this, I am sure that most Tasmanians will be celebrating the fact that finally there is forward progress on a cable car up Mount Wellington.

Ms White now needs to explain why Labor has changed its position on the cable car. The only conclusion which can be drawn is that it is yet another attempt to appease the Greens.