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Labor fails on every policy comparison

Jeremy Rockliff, Deputy Premier


This Saturday Tasmanians have an important decision to make - whether to elect a stable majority Liberal Government that can deliver on its promises, or go back to the instability and chaos of a minority Labor-Green Government.

Tasmanians should know the facts on what both major parties are promising before they cast their vote.

To make that easier we've prepared a policy snapshot.

On nurse numbers and beds, paramedics, extra school teachers and more police the Liberal party is a clear winner.

Labor's also promising less on school infrastructure, for our farmers and mental health.

On jobs Labor has failed to even produce a policy and has also ignored small business.

And with the Labor party failing to commit to a budget surplus, there's no certainty they can deliver on anything at all. 

Only the Liberal party has outlined clear policies on issues that Tasmanians care about, which are fully funded and deliverable.

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