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Labor fails to stand up for Tasmania’s best energy interests

Guy Barnett, Minister for Energy

Tasmanian Labor’s  failure to support the National Energy Guarantee is a demonstration that they’d rather put politics above Tasmania’s best interests.

As Australia’s renewable energy powerhouse, Tasmania will be a major beneficiary under the NEG and Tasmanians will reap the rewards of lower power prices.

Our renewable, baseload hydro power will be increasingly valuable under the guarantee, which mandates a minimum level of renewable, dispatchable energy across the National Electricity Market.

The NEG will also underpin the business case for major pumped hydro projects across Tasmania and further Bass Strait interconnection, establishing our State as the Battery of the Nation.

This opportunity is supported by the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council, the Cradle Coast Authority, Hydro Tasmania and a range of other Tasmanian organisations.

Tasmania has what the rest of the country wants and will need in increasing volumes.

Labor’s refusal to support the NEG means they are not only opposing the economic benefits and jobs it represents for Tasmania, they are also blindly opposing reforms which will see Tasmanians continue to have the lowest energy prices in the nation.

The energy industry nationwide has called for the certainty that will be provided by the NEG so that it can invest in new generation for the long-term.

Labor has demonstrated beyond doubt that in failing to stand up for Tasmania’s interests it is absolutely unfit to govern. Once again they seem to be bending to the will of the Greens.