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Labor supports criminals getting out of jail early

Elise Archer, Attorney-General

Labor shadow frontbencher, Ella Haddad, has this morning confirmed that Labor backs the early release of criminals and will continue to oppose the Hodgman majority Liberal Government’s remissions reform currently before the Legislative Council.

How out of touch can Labor get?

Labor opposes mandatory sentences for child sex offenders and mandatory sentencing for attacks on off duty emergency service workers, and now, remarkably, does not support ‘truth in sentencing’ - where someone convicted of a crime should serve the sentence imposed by the court.

Remission reform was overwhelmingly endorsed by Tasmanians at the last election who are sick of Labor’s soft on crime approach.

Remission of sentences has remained on the statute books in Tasmania for far too long, despite being phased out in other Australian states and territories.

Remissions are not in line with community expectations, it is an outdated practice and the Hodgman majority Liberal Government believes that if you do the crime, you should do the time set by the courts.

With Rebecca White more focused on saving her leadership, which is on the ropes, she has once again failed to stand up for victims of crime.