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Labor’s next level hypocrisy on law and order

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections

The gross hypocrisy of the Labor Party was on full display as they attempted to politicise tragedy and rewrite their record of failure on law and order.

Tasmanians will see through their late breaking, shallow interest in community safety, after years of opposing sensible and appropriate policies to keep the community safe.

Labor’s record speaks for itself. They oppose mandatory minimum sentences for criminals that commit serious sexual offences against children. They won’t support our legislation to stand up for frontline workers including correctional officers, seriously injured doing their jobs.

And today, we now know they will stand by their deeply flawed position to retain the use of remission in our prison system, a practice that sees some prisoners set free up to three months before their sentence handed down by the court.

The granting of remission has been phased out in every other State in Australia. Remission does not reflect community expectations, and remission is not in keeping with truth in sentencing.

Unlike Labor, the Hodgman Liberal Government’s track record on law and order is beyond reproach. Our legislative agenda is substantial, our commitments prioritise community safety and will keep dangerous offenders off the street.

Critically, we have invested in more staff, more beds and more funding for the Tasmanian Prison Service than ever before. Only the Hodgman Liberal Government will build much needed new infrastructure, including new remand facilities in the south and a new, purpose-built prison in the north.