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Liberals release comprehensive financial statement showing $100 million budget surplus

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer


Today I am releasing a comprehensive financial statement that clearly outlines the cost of our election commitments and how we will pay for them.
It also shows clearly that a re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will keep the budget in surplus each and every year, with a cumulative surplus of over $100 million.
There will be no new or increased taxes or any cuts to services.  Because we hold net cash and investments, there will be no need to increase borrowings.
When we were first elected four years ago, we were left with over $1 billion in deficits by the last Labor-Green minority government.  We worked hard to fix the budget and we posted a surplus four years ahead of schedule and delivered the best budget result in ten years.
We also delivered on all of our election commitments from 2014.
Only a majority Hodgman Liberal Government can be trusted to manage the budget, deliver a surplus, invest record amounts into health and education and build the infrastructure Tasmania needs.
The ball is now in Labor’s court to release their financial statement.

Our financial statement is available here -

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