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Liberals submit 23 policies to Treasury for costing - how many has Labor submitted?

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

Managing the budget is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of any good government.

The Hodgman Government has balanced the budget, after Labor and the Greens left the State with $1.1 billion in cumulative deficits, and we have delivered a surplus four years ahead of schedule and posted the best budget results in ten years.

Already, we have submitted 23 policies to Treasury for costing.

The question is: how many has Labor submitted for costing?

Labor's costing of its flagship health policy has been a complete and utter shambles.  They've had to re-write the policy on the run, and after releasing the policy last month, they still can't explain how it will work, how many beds it will include or how much it will cost.

It's such a debacle the Hodgman Liberals actually costed it for them, more out of pity than anything else.

It's time Labor came clean.  How many policies have they submitted?  If the answer is zero, when will they submit their costings?  Or are they going to try and sneak their policies in to Treasury on the last day of the campaign to try and avoid scrutiny?