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National Energy Guarantee more important than petty politics

Will Hodgman, Premier

The Tasmanian Government urges all States and Territories to get behind the National Energy Guarantee.

The Federal Government and the independent experts who have designed and recommended the Guarantee, have for months been engaged in comprehensive consultation with all States and Territories and other stakeholders.

The Guarantee has secured unprecedented, near-universal support from consumers, businesses big and small, manufacturers, miners, farmers and energy companies, including renewable energy providers.

The Tasmanian Government believes the National Energy Guarantee offers an end to the years of energy wars and provides the best path towards cheaper, more reliable power for all Australians while meeting our international emissions commitments.

Independent, expert analysis predicts the Guarantee will deliver average power price falls of $550 a year across the next decade for the typical Australian household.

The time for politics is over.

It is in the interests of all Australian energy users - households and businesses - that the States and Territories provide their support for the Guarantee at this week’s COAG Energy Ministers meeting.

The eleventh-hour demands from some States are based solely on crass politics and are designed to frustrate and delay this much-needed improvement to the nation’s energy system.

Those States have had months to raise their concerns and have chosen to do so at the last minute.

Their demands have nothing to do with the design of the National Energy Guarantee mechanism, which is all they are being asked to approve. The issues they raise are Commonwealth responsibilities.

It is time for all State and Territories to show true leadership on an issue that is so important to Australians.

Anyone who stands in the way of the National Energy Guarantee is standing in the way of cheaper, more reliable power for all Australians.