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New App to help map roadkill hotspots

Elise Archer, Minister for Environment

A new app is making it simpler and quicker to report Tasmanian native wildlife roadkill incidents to help paint a picture of roadkill hotspots across the State.

The free Roadkill Tas app enables users to record data on some of our most threatened species, including the Tasmanian devil – our state’s animal emblem, spotted tailed quolls – and the iconic Wedge-tailed eagle.

There is a need for consistent data collection to help develop a greater understanding of roadkill hotspots, as well as the species involved.

Many Tasmanian motorists are sadly already aware that driving on the roads comes with the risk of hitting and killing wildlife, and information will assist with management and mitigation techniques to try to reduce the amount of roadkill on Tasmanian roads and protect our threatened species.

The Roadkill Tas app will be trialled in Tasmania for two years, and was developed by Thundermaps, a New Zealand based app development company.

The app’s development was made possible by a generous $20,000 donation through the Tasmanian Devil Ambassador Program from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana in the United States.

While reporting roadkill is helpful it is important to remember that people never compromise their own safety or the safety of other people travelling with them in order to do so.

People need to be aware of their surroundings and safety, and remember it’s illegal to use the app while driving.

More information about the Roadkill Tas app can be found on the DPIPWE Save the Tasmanian Devil Program website