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Rebecca White's failings exposed at estimates

Michael Ferguson, Leader of the House

Labor has wasted four days that is supposed to be about scrutinising the budget on petty personal attacks, mud-slinging and stunts.

Under the failing leadership of Rebecca White, Labor was too lazy to do an Alternative Budget and today proved too lazy to do their homework for estimates.

Labor hit a disgraceful new low on the final day, with a shameful attempt by rookie Shane Broad to politicise the Integrity Commission.

Mr Broad went so far as to suggest that the Attorney General should instruct the Integrity Commission on what they should investigate.

The Integrity Commission is independent of Government and is not subject to the direction or control of a Minister.

This was an inconvenient truth for Mr Broad, who then resorted to cheap tricks and theatrics in a bid to grab a headline. Mr Broad has no one to blame for his suspension but himself.

This is the same member who threw his dead cat on the table for a cheap headline and then ended up saying Tasmania’s police officers they didn’t deserve their payrise after having a pay freeze.

This conduct reflects on Ms White’s failure as a leader, after she set an extremely low bar for her team on day one of estimates.