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State and Federal Liberals unite with business community to bring public sector jobs to Tassie

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

Jonathon Duniam, Senator for Tasmania

Tasmanian Liberal Senator Jonathon Duniam and Tasmanian Treasurer Peter Gutwein have joined the business community to launch a working group focused on getting our fair share of Australian Public Service jobs to Tasmania, as part of the Australian Governments decentralisation process.

Senator Duniam said it is important that Tasmania gets its fair share of Australian government spending and that includes the relocation of Australian Public Sector staff and agencies.

“With our lifestyle and liveability, the evidence is clear that Tasmania is the place they should come to live, work and raise a family,” Senator Duniam said.

“The Australian Government has been working through our Decentralisation Agenda, where Ministers are undertaking a measured and methodical process to investigate the potential to move more Government jobs outside of Canberra and central Sydney and Melbourne to decentralise the APS workforce.

“Today we are launching the Tasmanian bid to ensure we get those jobs and agencies here. The Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team, the State Government and the business community will be working actively through this group to ensure that the Australian Government relocates these valuable APS jobs to Tasmania.

“Canberra needs to remember that the rest of the country including Tasmania drives this country’s economy, and that is why we should be relocating APS jobs here - to ensure that public service workers and policy makers have the perspective of regional communities, not just Canberra and the big mainland cities.

Tasmanian Treasurer Peter Gutwein said the State had a strong case to put to Canberra to have these APS jobs relocated to Tasmania.

“Tasmania’s lifestyle is the envy of the world and while we have created over 10,000 jobs in our first term, we want to continue the momentum and attract even more jobs to the state,” Mr Gutwein said.

“We are determined to get our fair share from the Commonwealth and relocating these jobs to Tasmania will boost the local economy with more people in work and spending in local businesses.

“We have a target to grow the Tasmanian population to 650,000 by 2050 and have the lowest jobless rate in the country by 2022, and relocating APS jobs to Tasmania will help us achieve this goal.

Ms Tetlow, CEO of the Northern Tasmania Development Corporation, stated that “NTDC is keen to work with all levels of government and industry stakeholders to find the best fit of agencies for our region, and then pitch for that agency and their staff to consider the move.  We do realise that we will need to be an attractive option to the management and their staff of agencies to ensure our efforts are successful.”

Senator Duniam said that he would be writing to all Chambers of Commerce and other relevant stakeholders to see how they might be able to contribute to this push.