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Sustainable expansion creates jobs in Tasmania’s world leading salmon industry

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Tasmania’s salmon industry is set for sustainable expansion with the Government accepting the independent Marine Farming Planning Review Panel's recommendations allowing Petuna to progress a new Storm Bay North Marine Farming Development Plan.

The proposed operation, which will be the most remote off-shore marine farm in Tasmania, is forecast to employ 37 new full time positions and create 130 indirect full-time positions employed within the local community and aquaculture service industry.

The new Plan comes in addition to the Government providing planning approval of Tassal and Huon Aquaculture proposals last year.

Responsibly managed, such expansion in Storm Bay is sustainable and appropriate as the industry continues to grow to meet market demand for our iconic salmon products.

The Panel’s recommendation to allow the proposal follows submissions and public hearings as well as Environmental Impact Statements and scientific, public, socio-economic and environmental considerations.

The independent Review Panel found environmental effects be effectively managed under the development plans and conditions of an environmental licence granted by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The next step is for Petuna to apply for a Marine Farming Lease, followed by a Marine Farming License.

If a lease is issued, Petuna will then also need to demonstrate they can meet rigorous engineering, emergency management and biosecurity standards.

If a marine farming licence is issued, Petuna must also apply for an environmental license from the EPA and comply with the Authority’s requirements in relation to environmental management of the site.

The Hodgman Liberal Government supports responsible and sustainable growth in the Salmon Industry, providing thousands of jobs, many of which are in regional areas.

The Government’s Salmon Industry Plan provides a framework for future and sustainable growth in a transparent manner which maintains community confidence, biosecurity and sound environmental performance.

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