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Thank you Tasmania

Mark Shelton, Speaker of the House of Assembly
Liberal Member for Lyons

On behalf of St Giles, thank you to the hundreds of Tasmanians who donated to my charity walk from Longford to Parliament House which finished yesterday.

St Giles does fantastic work state-wide to help Tasmanian families support their loved ones with a disability.

I was motivated to help after seeing the impact their caring and professional staff had on my grandson Evan, who has Down Syndrome, and I was buoyed by the many toots of support from passing motorists.

We set a bold target of $10,000 and I’m extremely proud to announce that as of this afternoon the total sits at $19,127.

I’m also delighted for our farmers that the heavens opened all weekend and drenched both their paddocks, and also me - unfortunately.

Donations can still be made at and thank you again Tasmania for your generosity, I’m certain St Giles will put this money to good use.