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What’s next? Salmon farms

12 January 2018

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

Green’s leader Cassy O’Connor has sent a chilling warning to the  more than 5,000 Tasmanians employed in the salmon industry – you’re next.

Following Labor’s capitulation to Greens’ policy on pokies, Ms O’Connor has now upped the ante, saying:

“And for Labor, what we’re saying is, if you can change your mind on poker machines and do the right thing, you can change your mind on fish farms.”*

Labor has long been soft on salmon, trying to walk both sides of the street on Okehampton Bay last year, and still hedging their bets in private conversations.

There’s no doubt that Tasmania’s salmon industry will be the first on the chopping block under a Labor-Green minority Government.

*ABC radio news, 12/1/18