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White must condemn Union calls for sacking over political opinion

Jeremy Rockliff, Acting Premier

Rebecca White must condemn Union demands that a member of her own staff be sacked over a political opinion.

The ABC has confirmed from Labor sources that, “there is a push from members of the Party’s left faction to have Mr Winter removed from Ms White’s office, because they believe he is “right wing” and “anti-worker” and “does not hold “Labor values”.

This is a clear-cut case of a person’s employment being threatened because of their political opinions.

To date Ms White appears to be completely under the control of the Unions, offering to meet with unions to discuss Mr Winter’s employment.

Why is Ms White having discussions with Unions about the employment of private individuals in her office?

How is it acceptable that Opposition staffers, who are paid by the Tasmanian taxpayer, are required to meet with and make apologies to Unions for expressing their political opinion in a personal capacity?

This case also makes it extremely clear that the Unions completely run the Labor show. It’s no wonder Labor’s policy is for a blank cheque on wages negotiation, at a cost of $28 million per year for every 1 per cent increase above wages policy.