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The Hon. Adam Brooks MP

Government Whip

Adam Brooks was first elected to the Tasmanian Parliament at the March 2010 election.

He is a born and bred North West Coaster, went to school at Miandetta Primary and Reece High School.

After commencing work in the Navy as a tradesman, he set up his own business and in 2004, re-located it to the North West Coast.

Adam is approachable and down to earth, he is also involved with many community organisations, clubs and projects on the North West Coast.

Adam believes we need a far more open and transparent government that can tackle big issues and be brave enough to make decisions for the greater good - not for just a select few.

He also believes governments should be responsible in its expenditure, just like any good business would. Further, that small business is the engine room of the Tasmanian economy and needs to be supported through greater opportunities to grow and expand.

And above all, Adam wants to see more jobs created so that Tasmanians are able to pursue a secure career and provide for their families.

80B Wilson St, Burnie TAS 7320