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Record $757 million Health Package

Will Hodgman, Premier
Michael Ferguson, Minister for Health

A re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will deliver the single biggest boost to health care in Tasmania’s history – a $757 million health package over six years, to treat more Tasmanians sooner.

This represents 298 new beds – an increase of more than 20 per cent. It will be supported by an additional 1,332 new staff and will result in 30,000 more Tasmanians getting treatment in our hospitals each year, within six years.

This will include 802 more nurses, 158 more doctors, 128 more allied health professionals and 182 more operational and administrative support staff to care for Tasmanians at hospitals across the state.

Health is a priority for the Hodgman Liberal Government and unlike Labor this is backed up by our record.

Over the last four years our investment in health has delivered the shortest elective surgery waiting list since records began, resulted in the recruitment of more than 250 extra nurses and funding for about 120 extra beds.

But we understand there is still more to be done if we are to deal with increasing demand and bring our health system up to the standard that Tasmanians expect and deserve.

As a result of getting the budget back into balance we are now able to further increase the capacity of our hospitals and take health care in Tasmania to the next level.

In the South 

We will open 250 extra beds at the redeveloped Royal Hobart Hospital and the Repatriation Hospital. The new beds will occupy space vacated when services move into K Block, as well as at the Repatriation campus.  Beds will commence opening twelve months after the RHH redevelopment is complete with all beds open by 2024.

To support these beds and health care across Southern Tasmania we will recruit 1073 new doctors, nurses and other hospital staff.

Investment: $459 million

In the North

As our major Northern hospital we recognise it is important to ensure the LGH is also able to cope with growing demand.  A re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will construct a new Ward 3D with 32 beds which will be open by 2023. We will also open eight beds on the redeveloped 4K Children’s Ward including an Adolescent Unit with specialised mental health facilities, taking the total number of new beds at the LGH up to 40.

An additional 161 hospital and health staff will be recruited to support extra beds and services.

Investment: $160 million

In the North West 

The North West Regional Hospital at Burnie will gain an extra 8 new bedswhich will be adjacent to the emergency department and help to put downward pressure on waiting times. The new Acute Medical Unit will be open by the end of 2018.

To support new beds and services an additional 98 doctors, nurses and other hospital staff will be recruited.

Investment: $79 million

Our commitment to health also includes a range of statewide initiatives:

  • A $6.6 million Tasmanian Community Health Fund – to provide grants to individuals and groups wanting to improve the health of their community.
  • 180 more nursing graduates – this equates to 30 new nursing positions each year (over six years) with positions offered at public hospitals around the state.
  • Healthy Tasmania – ongoing funding of $1.1 million each year to support or Healthy Tasmania preventative health plan from 2020-21 after current funding ceases. 
  • 30 additional community based drug and alcohol rehab beds – these will be new beds rolled out over the next three years.

Our record investment in health will result in shorter waiting times in the ED, for elective surgery and for outpatients.

Only a re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will deliver the health system Tasmanians expect and deserve.

We will have more to say about extra support for other health services in coming days.

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