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Refreshed Cabinet to deliver Government's Plan

Will Hodgman, Premier

The refreshed cabinet I am announcing today provides a blend of experience, passion and new ideas to deliver our Plan to take Tasmania to the next Level.

A hallmark of my Government over the past four years has been stability and certainty and this continues in the new cabinet, with myself, Jeremy Rockliff, Peter Gutwein and Michael Ferguson retaining our key portfolios to continue work that is only part way through.

At the same time, new members will enter the cabinet, with new experiences, new passion and energy.

I will retain the portfolios of Tourism, Events and Hospitality. This sector is truly a driving force of our economy and there is much work ahead to manage the boom in the sector for the benefit of all Tasmanians. I will also add the portfolio of Parks to maximise the synergies between our magnificent natural assets and our tourism sector. In addition, I will take on responsibility for the new portfolio of Trade, to continue to drive economic growth and job creation in our state which is now a prouder, stronger and more confident place.

Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff will continue with his portfolio of Education. Jeremy is passionate about the sector and wants to continue to work to improve our State’s education outcomes. Jeremy will also take on the critical portfolio of Infrastructure – during the election campaign we promised around $660 million of infrastructure investment over the coming term of Government, and I can think of no one better qualified to roll out this program and literally build Tasmania’s future.

Peter Gutwein will retain his portfolios of Treasury, State Growth and Local Government. Peter is, I believe, our State’s best Treasurer and is the reason why we are able to continue to invest more in essential services. Peter will also continue to do his important work in conjunction with the State Growth role, which is firmly focussed on job creation and economic growth.

Michael Ferguson has asked to continue as Minister for Health. It is a credit to him and his commitment to this area that he wishes to continue the work he has started of building a world-class health system, and I know he is itching to get back to work and to deliver our $757 million health policy. Michael will also take on the role of Police, Fire and Emergency Management, while retaining Science and Technology.

In her relatively short time in cabinet Elise Archer has been an excellent Minister, and she will now become the State’s Attorney-General. Elise has the legal experience, passion and drive to fulfil this role to the highest level.

Jacquie Petrusma will take responsibility for a new portfolio, Disability Services and Community Development, which will give ministerial representation to sectors including seniors, volunteers and young people. Jacquie will remain Minister for Women, and also take responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs, and Sport and Recreation.

Guy Barnett will continue to deliver on our plan to provide the lowest energy prices in the nation as Minister for Energy. He will also retain his existing portfolios of Building and Construction, and Resources. In addition, Guy will take on the portfolio of Minister for Veterans’ Affairs. I know that Guy is passionate about this area and veterans will welcome him as their dedicated minister.

Sarah Courtney will join the cabinet as Minister for Primary Industries and Water, and Racing. After four years in the Parliament, most recently as my Parliamentary Secretary, Sarah is truly ready to join the Ministry and I have great confidence that she will fill Jeremy’s very big shoes in this area. The owner of a small vineyard of her own, Sarah will become Tasmania’s first ever female Primary Industries Minister and bring new ideas to a very important area.

Last, but not least, Roger Jaensch will join the cabinet as Minister for Human Services, and Housing, two critical areas of government responsibility. As Minister for Human Services, along with Jacquie Petrusma, Roger will take charge of a new, separate Department of Human Services, Housing and Community Development, which will separate from Health from July 1. This will allow both sides of the existing Department of Health and Human Services to put maximum focus and resources on their respective areas of responsibility.

In addition, Roger will take the portfolio of Planning, an area he has much experience in and which sensibly goes with his other portfolio of Housing.

I can also confirm that Rene Hidding is the Government’s nomination for Speaker. I would like to thank Rene for his four years as a member of my cabinet. As an experienced Member of Parliament he has offered wise counsel and I am sure he will take the same approach into the Speakership.

Mark Shelton will be Government’s nomination for Chair of Committees (or Deputy Speaker). In addition, Mark will become Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development, something which I know as a member for Lyons he is very passionate about.

Sue Hickey is a welcome addition to the Government party room and will in the first instance take on the roles of Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, and Parliamentary Secretary for Urban Development with specific responsibility for addressing Hobart and Launceston’s traffic issues.

Adam Brooks will remain on the backbench while issues surrounding his email audit remain. I have spoken to Adam and he remains confident this issue will be resolved. In the meantime I have no doubt Adam will continue to be a strong and vocal advocate for his electorate of Braddon.

Finally, Leonie Hiscutt will continue her very important work as Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council.

The new Ministry will be sworn in tomorrow, officially kicking off our second term in Government. The cabinet will meet on Thursday to get straight down to business, and one of the first things we will do is formalise the delivery of our First 100 Day Plan.

As I said on election night, I have never been more energised about the job before us, and working with my entire team – and the Parliament – to deliver for our great state. Our best days truly do lie before us and after two weeks of waiting for the count to be finalised, I am now itching to get back to work to deliver on what we have promised and take Tasmania to the next Level.