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Ticket to Play: $100 Sports Vouchers

Will Hodgman, Premier


A new Ticket to Play sports voucher offering $100 towards club fees will remove the biggest barrier to Tassie kids participating in sport.

In a Tasmanian first, a re-elected majority Liberal Government will offer up to $100 sports vouchers to young Tasmanians who need it most, aged between five and 17 years, to assist them into sport.

The Ticket to Play voucher will be available to about 30,000 Tasmanian students whose parent or guardian holds a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card.

This will boost participation, physical health and overall wellbeing of young Tasmanians, by removing the single biggest barrier to sport – cost.

This will run as a pilot for a year, at which stage we will assess the program and its results.

This will provide welcome assistance for the cost of living of families who need it most, with some popular memberships such as Australian Rules, hockey and netball costing an average of $250.

According to the Tasmanian Child Health and Wellbeing Survey, young Tasmanians are not getting enough physical activity.

It’s estimated that 62 per cent of Tasmanians aged between five and 12 years meet the recommended physical activity level of 60 minutes moderate to vigorous activity a day.

This drops dramatically to just 17 per cent by the time children are aged between 16 and 17 years. We want to turn this around, and start healthy, active habits early.

This will help to achieve our target to have the healthiest population by 2025 and to reduce Tasmania’s rate of obesity to below the national average by 2025.

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