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Cracks emerging in anti-pokies campaign

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

Cracks are emerging in the anti-pokies campaign with Pat Caplice from Rein in The Pokies appearing to soften his position, while Labor remain stubbornly welded to their failed election policy.
Last night on his Facebook page Mr Caplice responded to a suggestion that a new policy on pokies was needed.
In response, Mr Caplice said that the way forward “must take several approaches with the main aim being harm reduction”.
Mr Caplice also appears to have walked away from a complete removal of pokies from pubs and clubs, with a “sponsored” Facebook post from Rein in The Pokies now suggesting the campaign focus on the first three recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry, which are to reduce the amount of pokies in pubs and clubs, but not remove them entirely.
This is a clear split from Labor, who are continuing to hold onto their failed pokies policy despite the clear election result.

Our policy, which increases returns to the taxpayer, pubs and clubs, and doubles funding for the Community Service Levy, will be legislated in due course, prior to commencement in 2023.
When that occurs, it will of course be subject to appropriate scrutiny in the Parliament.
However, I again make the point that the direct licensing model - which we took to the people at the election - was recommendation 20 of the same Parliamentary inquiry which Rein in The Pokies now says is their “most powerful weapon”.