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David O'Byrne gets his driveway blooper moment

Michael Ferguson, Minister for State Growth

Once again, Labor has failed to complete even basic research before shooting from the hip and firing off a patently false press release.

The question is, will Labor’s Minister for Losing 10,000 Jobs, David O’Byrne accept his stuff up, or simply blame it on his staff like his leader did in the case of the occupied Clarendon Vale rental property?

Simply, the facts are:

  1. The Macquarie Point Masterplan was released for public comment in April 2019;
  2. Nearly 900 pages of supporting technical information was also released to the public; and
  3. Amendments are now with the Tasmanian Planning Commission awaiting final approval.

This is a process the Hodgman majority Liberal Government has continually kept the public aware of.

Not only does Mr O’Byrne’s statement reek of desperation, it purely demonstrates just how desperate he is for a little bit of attention.

The Hodgman Government is getting on with our plan to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime development at Macquarie Point for the Tasmanians of today and future generations.

Developing one of the last remaining vacant urban locations in any of Australia’s capital cities is no small feat and the Government wants to get this right.

We look forward to seeing a positive outcome from the TPC, which will enable the next major step in this exciting project for our state.