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Revealed: Craig Garland Gets the Bob Brown Tick of Approval

Adam Brooks, Liberal Member for Braddon

The so-called independent candidate for Braddon Craig Garland has received the Bob Brown tick of approval.

In a press release issued on the 25th June*, Bob Brown revealed that Mr Garland not only attended, but also spoke at the Burnie screening of the disgracefully biased anti-Tarkine file, Takayna.

Reflecting on the night at the screening, Bob Brown said: “The Greens’ Jarrod Edward and Independent Craig Garland both gave short and outstanding speeches on Friday.”

When the spiritual leader of the Greens says that someone has given an “outstanding speech”, you know that they are as green as they come.

Mr Garland has now reached peak Green.

Mr Garland isn’t independent. He is Greener than Scott Jordan, with the official Bob Brown tick of approval to prove it.

I urge anyone who is thinking about voting for Mr Garland to carefully consider the facts of his pro-green, anti-jobs agenda before casting their vote.

*Bob Brown media release,