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Revitalising School Farms

Will Hodgman, Premier

Guy Barnett, Liberal Member for Lyons


A re-elected majority Hodgman Liberal Government will invest more than $16 million into our school farms, to employ 10 new school farm teachers and upgrade infrastructure at school farms across Tasmania.

This funding includes $7.6 million invested into 10 new FTE teaching staff to support the growing success of school farms, as well as $1.2 million over six years to assist schools with the operational cost of running their farms.

Agriculture is a pillar of Tasmania’s economy, and our successful Primary Schools to Primary Industries initiative gives students a clear education pathway on primary industries and the science behind food and fibre production.

We want to create a job ready generation, and our 15 school farms across the State are key to giving our students interested in a career in agriculture hands on practical real world experience and skills, to help them reach their career goals.

Todays announcement builds on our commitment to provide students from Kindergarten to Year 12 with the knowledge and skills on which to base their future job choices – whether that is further studies or a career in the agriculture sector, or lifestyle decisions supporting Tasmania’s primary industries and jobs in regional areas.

We will resource our school farms around the state to ensure our students get world-class teaching and current up-to-date technologies and farming methodologies.

The majority Liberal Government is committed to leading the nation in education, and school farms are a vital part of our commitment to provide students choice as how they complete their education as we invest record amounts to improve educational outcomes.

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