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Supporting jobs and free choice



09 January 2018
Premier, Will Hodgman
Treasurer, Peter Gutwein

The Tasmanian Liberals supports jobs, we support free choice, and we support pubs and clubs right around the state.
Gambling is a lawful form of entertainment for many Tasmanians and a range of gaming products should be available to consumers that are fair and which provide an acceptable average return to players.
Two years ago, we released our proposed structural framework for poker machines following the expiry of the current licence in 2023.
This included for the first time ever putting the gaming network to the market, a community benefits test which means local communities get a say in the future placement of new poker machines, and a reduction in the cap of 150 machines.
Following extensive community and industry consultation, as well as a Parliamentary Committee we established, today, we are releasing the full and final policy.
Our Plan demonstrates that we have the balance right.
Key elements of the policy include:

  • We will end the Federal monopoly and move to an individual venues licence model where clubs and pubs own and operate their own machines;
  • A re-elected majority Liberal Government will significantly change the allocation of returns which will see pubs and clubs receive a larger share; 
  • As well, our policy will see a much larger return to the taxpayer, which can be spent on things like schools and hospitals;
  • The network license to monitor machines in pubs and clubs will be put out to market and, 
  • There will be a new cap on machines which will reduce by 150 in pubs and clubs and funding for harm minimisation and community projects will double.

Our position on gaming has long been clear – we won’t shut down pubs or clubs by ripping out all of their machines, and we don’t believe we should be spending taxpayers money to buy out jobs and potentially close down pubs and clubs.
Unlike Labor, we believe that Tasmanians should be able to choose how to spend their money, not be dictated to by the Government.
The full policy is available here: