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Temporary water restrictions for South East irrigators to be eased

Guy Barnett, Minister for Primary Industries and Water

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government welcomes Tasmanian Irrigation’s announcement that temporary partial water restrictions for the South East Irrigation Scheme’s Stages 2 & 3 are on track to be eased this Friday.

The Government has had ongoing discussions with TasWater and Tasmanian Irrigation to map solutions to ensure sufficient supply this summer for businesses and residential use, fire preparedness and irrigators.

Tasmanian Irrigation continues to work closely with affected irrigators and is holding a meeting for South East irrigators tomorrow to discuss the easing of restrictions, an update on plans to secure additional water to stabilise dam levels and ongoing strategies to manage water demand.

Investigations and planning on medium and long term works to augment irrigation in the South East, and lessen reliance on drinking water supplies is underway.

Tasmanian Irrigation has already prioritised planning and feasibility for proposed South East Integration Project as part of the Tranche 3 – Pipeline to Prosperity program to increase water availability into the South East.

The Tasmanian and Australian governments are jointly investing $170 Million into Tranche 3 to deliver the first phase of at least five new irrigation schemes across the state, whilst Tasmanian Irrigation continues with the planning for other proposed schemes.

While the vast majority of Tasmanians enjoy plentiful access to water, it is a precious resource and I encourage all Tasmanians to use water wisely to ensure it is available to all when we need it most.

The Government will also continue to work closely with TasWater and rely on their expert advice to determine the best way to manage greater Hobart water supplies.