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What deals will the Labor-Green alliance do in 2019?

Leonie Hiscutt, Liberal Member for Montgomery

Last year in Parliament Labor voted with the Greens a record 81 per cent of the time. With Rebecca White now having dumped all Labor policies, it’s a record that looks set to be broken again this year.

The Labor-Green alliance is still trying hold Tasmania back. They both oppose mandatory sentences for child sex offenders, oppose sensible, sustainable and job creating tourism developments in national parks, and both oppose the Mt Wellington cable car.

Given this complete capitulation to the loony-left, what deals is Rebecca White willing to do with Cassy O’Connor in 2019?

Will Rebecca White and Labor capitulate to the Greens demands to support pill testing?

Will Rebecca White and Labor conspire with the Greens to once again shut down our forest industry and lock up even more of Tasmania?

When the Labor-Green alliance was last in power more than 10,000 Tasmanians lost their job, people were leaving the State in droves and our economy was in recession.

It’s clear that the alliance is back on and once again in 2019, Labor = Greens.